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Programme For Schools

Programme For Schools

Communicative English Training

Well trained and experienced Communicative English trainers from Bright Star will be sent for teaching communicative English. Weekly one or two periods per class should be allotted for Communicative English in the regular time table. Required number of trainers will teach their respective classes in accordance with the time table. The school management need not pay any sort of remuneration to such trainers. Supervision for the whole academic year ( 2 times a month ), evaluation of the students Communicative skill, analysing and reporting the performance of the trainers to the management will be done by Bright Star co-ordinators.

The primary objective of this program is to provide an overview of the systems in teaching communicative English skills to students. They are the future assets of our nation and deserve best inputs in various academic fields of their regular curriculum. In addition, they must also develop specialized skills like in, being able to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner within the class room environment as well as in social situations. Facility in handling Communicative English language would indeed be an indispensable skill for them in their future personal growth.

As the job markets are becoming more and more competitive, the absolute need for honing the students English language skills has to be emphasized. Language learning skills involve imparting intensive coaching to the students in the productive skills of speaking and writing as well as the receptive skills of reading and listening. These are taught both in class room scenario as well as in informal open field situations.

Our Training Methodology

We have put together new methods and innovation to increase training effectiveness and to bring the desired learning outcome.


LevelTopics Covered
Formal Self-Introduction, Informal Self-Introduction, Time Pass, Mine And Myself, My Picture, Dictionary time, Say No to Negative reply, Blew The Past, Shooting Questions, Story With Picture, Hunt The Right Word, Social Expressions, Places And Things etc.,.
All About Me eg : Formal Self-Introduction, Informal self-Introduction, Errors and correction, Let Us Unite, Personality Traits, Check My Strength!I AmStronger!, Time Machine etc.,
How do I present myself ?, Telephone Etiquettes, Correct Me If You Can! eg: To Correct Grammatical Errors, Words that Go Together, Guess My Past, Going To, Me And My Dream Job, You Or Me, Happenings, Giving Opinions etc.,