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Crash Course X & XII

Crash Course

This programme is especially designed for intense improvement in handwriting for school students and Teachers. The concept is to make the children write in cursive in short period of time. The handwriting experts would be allotted for a period of duration to change the script of students.

  1. Stream I - Class: X & XII
  2. Stream II - Class: U.K.G to XII
  3. Stream III – School Teachers

Crash Course X & XII

This course is especially designed for x & xii std students who are busily scheduled throughout the year. The month of May will be a suitable time to ensure their handwriting.

  • Duration : 12 hrs/15 hrs
  • Peroid : Month of May/ any 2 or 3 days
  • Payment : Courses fee ought to be made fully in advance during commencement of the course
  • A separate agreement ought to be signed in accordance with all terms and conditions