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Montessori Teacher Training

Montessori Teacher Training

The importance of Pre-primary schooling has been well recognized today. An effective Pre-primary education system caters to the total development of the child. It ought to enable the child to interact with society with the appropriate competencies and attitudes. It is in this context that we have planned to come out with a practical yet comprehensive Montessori Teacher Training Programme. It hopes to fill a widely felt gap in education and help provide jobs for some of the many educated yet unemployed young men and women in the country. A well devised training has to be sound in its structure, approach and planning. It has to take care of different aspects of development and care of the child. For this child centered activity based teaching and learning are necessary. Pre-primary teachers are to be trained for this specific purpose. It is with these ends in view the Bright Star has ventured to start its own course in MTTC.

Bright Stars programme has been evolved after long and fruitful discussions with experts in the field by taking into consideration of different approaches and programmes recommended by various agencies operating in this crucial area of education. The emphasis here is on the teacher trainees as well. They are the ones who have to make a real success of the whole project. The package is turned to realizing that goal.

About the Course

Duration of the Motessori Teacher Training Course is one year. We have provided an approved syllabus for Pre-Primary Teacher Training programme. The syllabus is briefly given below. Bright Star reserves the right to modify from time to time and any topic included among the subject in view of the developments in the teaching field. During the training period, teaching practice is given for all subjects.


Enrolment of students for this course is purely on the basis of qualification and interview. Minimum qualification required to apply for the course is SSLC. On admission, the student should produce his/her original certificates and other required documents with 2 passport size photographs. Enrolled student will be given an Entry card with enrolment number. The students will be permitted to enter the center only on production of their card. In case of any change of address/telephone number the same has to be informed in writing to the academic counselor. Students are normally admitted to the Pre-primary Teacher training Course only at the beginning of the course.

Course Structure

  1. Child education, its social and philosophical basis
  2. Child development and psychology
  3. Child development and health with emphasis on nutrition and hygiene
  4. Child development and curriculum
  5. Child activities, teaching methods and Aids
  6. Practical training
  7. Pre-School education and management
  8. Computer literacy
  9. English for communication will also form a significant part of the course as a whole.

How to Apply ?

Application form and prospectus can be obtained on cash payment of Rs.150/- from Bright Star Educational Institution, Coimbatore. Cost of the application form will not be refundable. Filled-in application along with copies of certificates, photographs should reach Bright Star Educational Institution before the last date mentioned. The notification for commencement of new batches will be published in all leading newspapers from time to time.
Students will not be permitted to be absent themselves without proper leave application. 80% attendance of the total number of actual working days will be regarded as satisfactory. Students having less than 80% of attendance will not be eligible for appearing for the final examination.


Internal, model, Semester and final examinations will be conducted for each batch. Final examination will be conducted and controlled by the Board of Examinations, Bright Star, Coimbatore. The minimum attendance for attending the examination is 80%. The date and time schedule of the examinations for each batch can be obtained at the time of registration for examination. After the results are published, the certificates are issued within a stipulated period. Students should pay the examination fee. The fee will be intimated at a later date. The student will be allowed only two sittings to appear for examination. Separate examination fee should be remitted for each sitting.


Placement assistance will be made available to all students who have successfully completed the course from time to time. Students interested in 100% placement should hold our “Employment Card”. The employment card can be issued to students who have 80% and above marks on our Board examination.


A Motessori Teacher Training Course Certificate is awarded to a student who passes the final examination with 40% marks. The student will not be awarded certificate in case of any outstanding dues. These rules are applicable to all students of These rules will remain valid till any changes are effected by Bright Star. Students are requested to co-operate so as to maintain the building and the campus clean and spotless, as well as to keep the furniture, practical equipments and other properties without loss or damage. This is a collective responsibility of all the students