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Easy way to better Handwriting

Programme For Schools

A good many boys and girls have a handwriting that is well nigh illegible. They have trouble writing clearly. They spend many hours drawing ovals, interoven one after the other in almost endless succession. The objective of the programme is merely to teach students in a more or less painless way how they can render their handwriting legible using script (cursive) writing. It is a demonstrable fact that script writing is quicker than printing. The reason for this is obvious: the pencil is not lifted up from the paper in staccato fashion.

In mostschools learning to script is required. But many children never quite learn how to write script legibly. This becomes a torture to their teachers, a burden to their future correspondence, and a handicap throughout life to the boys or girls themselves. Bright star confidently asserts that any youngster can greatly improve his/her handwriting in a very short while. If he/she merely gets through the sourse and goes through the printed materials and fill out the practices pages, the improvement will be seen miraculous.

Bright star started working in 1986 in Tiruneveli District. Now it has extended its services in all over india. Lot of students (from I std - XII std), college goers, teachers, trainees, professionals have been benefitted. Efficient, active and enthusiastic hand writing teachers of Bright star shoot up the student examination score and writing style. We have designed programmes in 6 different options. The School management has to opt whichever suitable. We request the management to avail this opportunity in the welfare of the students. Awaiting favourable reciprocation...