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News & Events

Bright Star Handwriting Programme in Indian Express

Mr.Rajendiran, Hosur one of the beneficiary of Bright Star Handwriting Training has determined a feedback of positive output in Indian Express to readers in “Please advise me column” published on March 30th 2003.

Montessori Teacher Training - Food Festival

Bright Stars Montessori Training department has organised the food festival for their learnings so as to exhibit the talent of preparing Low, Medium, High cost food items with nutritive value. The exposure of health and nutrition of child is focused in the event which helps our trainers.

Montessori Teacher Training - Farewell Batch 2014-15

Farewell was conducted by the team of Montessori trainers as they are ready to flutter their wings to reach their destination. They are very happy got wings to flutter but they are very sad to fly away from their nest of Bright Star.

Communicative English Day

We have taken a keen interest in bringing Communicative English Day as mandatory implementation. Communicative English Day encompasses various activities. Well drawn colorful sketches with suitable foot notes and danglers would decorate the classrooms that would invite the audience automatically to the function. 

Quarterly Celebration

The first quarterly celebration for both department trainers, Handwriting and communicative English was conducted in the play group of AVP Trust National Matriculation school on 27th  & 28th September 2016. The facilitators enjoyed with cake cutting and employee of the term award at the end of the workshop.