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Handwriting Books

We have unique Bright Stars Handwriting Materials for all levels of students to develop the cursive script.

For Schools

We have 9 Grades of Handwriting materials to meet the needs of all level students.

1Grade - AU.K.G
2Grade - I
Class - I
3Grade - IIClass - II
4Grade - IIIClass - III
5Grade- IVClass - IV
6Grade - VClass - V
7Grade  - VIClass - VI
8Grade - VIIClass - VII
9Grade - VIIIClass - VII & Above
Books order for schools will be taken in the months of January and February.

Hand Writing

Slant of Writing

Whether writing slants toward the left or right, or if its fairly vertical, relates to ones emotional reaction to situations.

Left Slant (\)

If your writing slants toward the left, its possible you have trouble expressing yourself and come off as indifferent and distant to those around you.

Vertical (|||)

A lack of slant in writing suggests that youre guided by logic more than your emotions, but that theres a fair balance between the two.

Right Slant (///)

People who write with a forward slant, such as the example given in our proven results, follow their hearts and are usually more empathetic and caring than most. - Our Concept

HandWriting Books