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Reach your full potential with Bright Star!

At Bright Star, we value the rich experience that each member brings in and foster the spirit of success. Each new member will be a valuable addition to our teammates. We give you the freedom to work and acquainted with the best of processes to shape your growth. While working with the Educational Institution, you will be representing us with our syllabus and contents duly implementing the same at our school clients place. We offer a conduciveatmosphire with a full spectrum of career options from which you are free to choose.

Our Goal is to align your career by offering different career paths and options for you to choose. Also people centric approach and flexible environment allows you to shape your career under our leadership bandwidth to steer and control your career in the right direction.

Spirit Of Bright Star

The spirity Bright Star is democratic to every individual who is part of it. It is deep rooted with core human values. It defines the basic human thoughts and actions to govern the future. The spirit of Bright Star is based on human values and ethics which can be applied to various situations of life and working environment. Our values are reflected in our approach to every individual and how we make each individual part of our team and group. The spirit of Bright Star is to win and let others win too.

Diversity of Bright Star

Bright Star was founded on principles of building trust towards customers, partners and employees. It is functioning according to the guided principles of trust, integrity, ethics, character and values. These core values are instrumental for our evolution as a successful Educational Institution. These values are not only important in our relationship with customers and partners, but also with our team members and strategic groups. Our team and group constitute people from various diverse culture, who have been contributed significantly for our success.

At Bright Star, we respect people from various diverse cultures and backgrounds, diversity among our group and team have been our strength. Our diverse views open up a window, as each of our customers, alliance partners, groups, team mates and the communities we serve has different views. They trust that we take these views into account as we plan to meet the need, so that we can deliver the best by understanding the perspective of each one.

We maintain the sanctity of diversity in our working environment without compromising on our Vision, Mission and Core Values. The diversity of our strategic groups will help our company to accelerate and innovate.

It is the policy of Bright Star Human Resources to afford equal employment opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of their colour, race, religion, caste, Gender, nationality and will not discriminate on any other factors in its hiring process and would confirm applicable laws and regulations. Members are hired based on the employment opportunities and current needs. You may visit, Bright Star careers page of this site to know more about the current openings and opportunities. We shall be glad to accept your candidature; your further selection process is subject to your qualifications and experience that matches our requirements.

Group Culture

It takes more than being an individual to succeed in a team or group. A single individual cannot meet the accomplishments all by himself. At Bright Star, team members support each other to achieve common objective to fullfillclients expectations. Our various strategic project groups work relentlessly towards fulfilling and helping each other to excel and grow, hence we share a common goal by relying on each others collective talent to exceed the customer expectations. The ability to ignite a spark in each group and promote group dynamics to work collectively is an aspect of great performance at Bright Star.


English Trainers
Any Degree, Good Fluency in English, Strong in Grammar,
Having Pleasing Personality(Training will be provided)
Communicative English Training Manager
Sound Knowledge in English Language, Experience in
 Relevent Field, Having Pleasing Personality
Communicative English Team Leaders
Any Degree, Good Communicative skill with Team spirit
HR Manager
MBA with any specialisation, Good Command over English,
Sound knowledge in HR, Good Presentation skills.
Marketing Executives
MBA with any specialisation with 2 years of Experience
Handwriting Trainers
D.Ted, B.Ed, Any Degree or Diploma(Training will be provided)
Handwriting Co-ordinators
D.Ted, B.Ed, Any Degree or Diploma(Training will be provided)

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