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Welcome To Bright Star

We, Bright Star Educational Institution, based at south India wish to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneers in the field of educational services with a hands on experience (more than 25 years), having our formidable presence in the field of education and catering to various educational services in Tamilnadu, (India). Among other things, our strong forte includes in the field of  handwriting teaching methodology and script analysing. Our handwriting and Research wing have well trained and experienced professionals who provide an indepth training to the learners. You would agree that good handwriting gives an impressive and positive note of a person presenting it. We express with all humility that we could make a strong foothold by our sheer involvement and interest in the field of education by serving many prestigious schools located predominantly in South India to show remarkable progress in students  Handwriting & Communicative English skills.

Besides the twin areas above, we also provide Montessori Teacher Training. In this count, YOU would agree that early childhood education is a programme that provides a stimulating play environment for development of physical, intellectual, linguistic, social and emotional qualities for a child. There can’t be another opinion that the success of Montessori School purely and entirely rests on the teachers who mould these young buds fit enough to resume their journey of education. Bright Star is determined to bring out excellent skills both in handwriting and English communication to students and college goers besides professionals. Bright Star is a right place where one could find a rhythmic blend of academic, cultural, social and international learning experience in English language. Bright Star with its well-designed programme for students, teachers and the needy with their untiring efforts and methodology in teaching has transformed the lives of more than 25 Lakh students across the country.

From Founder & Directors Desk…

Greetings and very Warm Welcome!
I wish to thank you for showing interest in conducting Handwriting and Communicative English Programme with Bright Star.  We have been providing quality training for teachers, students, corporates etc., for 27 years.  These programmes are effectively running in schools and colleges with the support of Bright Stars Human Resources, Research and Development & Training department etc. We also credit all our facilitators. I would like to record a gratitude to the respected school Correspondents, CEOs, Principals who are the most supporting hands for the success of Bright Star. With all involvements and continuous work on new implementation, we assure the best training to the society which makes life a turning experience that enables them to reach greater heights in their professional life.